Cherry Boo

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  • Boujee vibe I want, Cherry Boo I get.  This "cherry" colour wig is "whaouu". soft and light, nice and clean, flawless and Stunning. It is all I need. 


    • Wig Length : 24 inches
    • Density : 150%
    • luxurious Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair
    • Heat Resistant :  maximum 160°C
    • Suitable for any head size
    • Washable (Please see on hair care section)
    1. Brush out the synthetic hair thoroughly.
    2. Fill a bucket with cold water and shampoo (always use very light, gentle shampoo or baby shampoo. There is also shampoo made specifically for synthetic hair)
    3. Gently soak the synthetic hair in it for about 10min and wash it.
    4. Rinse gently (always rinse in the same direction as                    the hair lies).
    5. Rid the synthetic hair of the excess water but don’t use force.
    6. Hang the hair piece up to dry.
    7. When it is totally dry and water free, use a bristle brush to remove the knots and style.